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1. Bahubhashikta Vividh Aayam  i2018i200150Hindi"978-93-87882-31-7"20-09-2018
2. MORE THEN MARKETING  120181100395English"978-81-937251-7-7"20-09-2018
3. Transforms and partial differential equations  12018197125English"978-93-88413-00-8"20-09-2018
4. NIRVACHANA  12018 100110Kannada"978-81-937592-4-0"20-09-2018
5. Object Chemistry Target NCERT  YES20181st13201250English"978-81-938970-0-3"20-09-2018
6. Drug Store and Business Management  Second2018Second256190English"978-93-88280-34-1"20-09-2018
7. Pravakta Bharti Pariksha Solved Papers Kala  12018 5240Hindi"978-93-87903-83-8"20-09-2018
8. Organisational Behaviour  Second2018Second240190English"978-93-88280-33-4"20-09-2018
9. DRAWING 100 PEOPLE  12018 110215English"978-81-938923-0-5"20-09-2018
10. Management Accounting  Second2018Second272215English"978-93-88280-32-7"20-09-2018
11. Feminism Computing  12018 120145English"978-81-937592-3-3"20-09-2018
12. Consumer Behaviour  Second2018Second320225English"978-93-88280-31-0"20-09-2018
13. Pharmaceutics-II  Second2018Second280210English"978-93-88280-30-3"20-09-2018
14. My fathers Garden Sub  120181184454English"978-93-88326-23-0"20-09-2018
15. Ugc Net Set JRF & LS 8 Years Solved Papers Papers II & III Economics  120182018160125English"978-93-88182-99-7"20-09-2018
16. Ugc Net Set JRF & LS 8 Years Solved Papers Geography Papers II and III  120182018160125English"978-93-88182-98-0"20-09-2018
17. Ugc Net Set JRF & LS 8 Years Solved Papers Education Papers II and III  120182018160125English"978-93-88182-97-3"20-09-2018
18. ADDICTION - BOTHAIDr M ThirunavukarasuWhat is addiction is explained very well. Drinking has become a symbol of social status and position. Reasons for becoming addicted, impact of addiction, consequences of addiction, how to overcome it, remedial measures, are given in simple language. This book on addiction, no doubt, will be a turning point. First2018First116150Tamil978-93-5321-453-1 20-09-2018
19. My fathers Garden  120181184499English"978-93-88326-22-3"20-09-2018
20. man men aasman  120181180200Hindi"978-93-88165-05-1"20-09-2018
21. Ugc Net Set JRF & LS 8 Years Solved Papers History Papers II & III  120182018160125English"978-93-88182-96-6"20-09-2018
22. UGC NET SET History Papers II and III Guide 2018  120182018850595English"978-93-88182-95-9"20-09-2018
23. UGC NET SET Economics Papers II and III Guide 2018  120182018850595English"978-93-88182-94-2"20-09-2018
24. UGC NET SET Geography Papers II and III Guide 2018  120182018850595English"978-93-88182-93-5"20-09-2018
25. Ugc Net Set JRF & LS 8 Years Solved Papers Papers II & III Public Administration  120182018160125English"978-93-88182-92-8"20-09-2018
26. Ugc Net Set JRF & LS 15 Years Solved Papers - Teaching & Research Aptitude General Paper I  120182018950695English"978-93-88182-91-1"20-09-2018
27. Gitanjali  12018112899English"978-93-88118-51-4"20-09-2018
28. UGC NET SET Teaching & Research Aptitude General Paper-1  120182018900595English"978-93-88182-90-4"20-09-2018
29. UGC NET/SET History Papers II and III (Guide) 2018  120182018850595English"978-93-88182-89-8"20-09-2018
30. NTA IIT JEE Mains 15 Practice Papers  120182018264350English"978-93-88182-88-1"20-09-2018
31. CBSE XII 2019 - Medical Stream All Subjects Sample Papers  120182019700445English"978-93-88182-87-4"20-09-2018
32. CBSE XII 2019 - Engineering Stream All Subjects Sample Papers  120182018760495English"978-93-88182-86-7"20-09-2018
33. CBSE Class XII 2019 : 10 Sample Papers - Chemistry  120182018174150English"978-93-88182-85-0"20-09-2018
34. The Hidden Truth of Vastushastraajai kumarRegarding effectiveness of vastu law in current geographical, environmental and social conditions.ONE2018FIRST134350Hindi978-93-5321-466-1 20-09-2018
35. GATE 2019 Aerospace Engineering Solved Paper 2007-2018 (Section Wise)  120182019300350English"978-93-88182-84-3"20-09-2018
36. Bhinnaxuree Emuthi Prabandha  120181st AANK A Creative Line e edition11750Assamese"978-81-938937-0-8"20-09-2018
37. Sukh Aswasth Hone Ke  12018196120Hindi"978-93-88167-58-1"20-09-2018
38. Maila Anchal  120182nd13275Hindi"978-81-938709-1-4"20-09-2018
39. Do Bahnein  1201811249Hindi"978-93-5337-098-5"20-09-2018
40. Mahatma Gandhi  120181160150Bengali"978-81-938153-0-4"20-09-2018
41. How Not To Die  120181188275English"978-93-88459-00-6"20-09-2018
42. Business Environment  NA2018First 24886English"978-93-5338-015-1"20-09-2018
43. Tech Digest with Sidharth & Aditya   4201811849English"978-93-5337-097-8"20-09-2018
44. Riddhi - Kids Garden All in One Writing  500020182016-1788280English"978-81-938850-9-3"20-09-2018
45. Tech Digest with Sidhartha & Aditya   3201811849English"978-93-5337-096-1"20-09-2018
46. Your Guide to the Causes and Remedies for Forehead Acne  120181710English"978-93-5333-126-9"20-09-2018
47. Yoga For Glowing Skin 10 Poses That Can Do Wonders  120181710English"978-93-5333-125-2"20-09-2018
48. Why You Will Never Find Dhansak in a Parsi New Year Feast  120181710English"978-93-5333-124-5"20-09-2018
49. Why Counting Calories May Not Help Your Diet Plan  120181710English"978-93-5333-123-8"20-09-2018
50. Why Ayurveda Does Not Recommend Drinking Fruit Juices With Meals  120181710English"978-93-5333-122-1"20-09-2018